Winner of the prize "Best Electronic Music Artist" by the DCA´s.

After six years of studies with the best electronic music teachers, Alyosha graduated "Cum Laude" from Berklee College of Music and with honors like "All American Scholars" a prize given to the best student of each university in the USA. He was mentioned as one of the best percussionists of the university and was invited to participate in concerts given by the most outstanding students.

Back in Mexico, Alyosha starts with his soloist project in which he combines electronic music composed and produced by himself, with live instruments which, digitally processed and manipulated, create very special and personal energetic atmospheres.

The last couple of years were full of important events for Alyosha. He played in front of massive audiences on several occasions like in the "Goliath Festival" and "Vive Latino 2010", the main square of Mexico City (El Zócalo), the Auditorio Nacional, Centro Telmex, the Olympic Stadium and the Espacio Escultórico of the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). He also performed in Los Angeles, California and in Texas in the USA.

Alyosha also worked in the musicalization for cinematographic projects like "Desesperadamente Tuya" by Emmanuel Grunstein, "Fideo Fight" by Diego Arredondo and "Recuerdos" an animation that won the Krups prize in NY by Camila Benitez.